Chrebet Associates


Don't give up!
The recovery process is sometimes complex and difficult. Often, the process involves educating the debtor on their responsibility to pay the bill. A 3rd party collection agency contact shows debtors that you mean business.

The Chrebet Process
We begin the collection procedure immediately upon receipt of your placement, sending a letter informing the debtor that their account has been placed with Chrebet Associates for collection. By law, we are required to advise the debtor of his or her rights and to provide pertinent information regarding the past-due account of that debtor.


Pre-Collection: (Soft Collection Approach)
• This process is customized depending on the client’s needs.
• This is a proactive approach; it informs the patient that you are working with Chrebet Associates in order to recover a debt
• During this process no phone calls are made within the first 30 days
• The notices sent to the patients are approved by your facility and Chrebet Associates


Self Pay Collection
Chrebet Associates follows a true methodology that includes:
• Three letters are sent out from Chrebet Associates. The first letter is sent out immediately after receiving the account. The initial letter is to advise the patient that their account is delinquent and that they must respond within 30 days from the date of receiving notice.
• During this 30 day period, Chrebet Associates is prohibited from contacting the debtor, by law, according to the “Fair Collection Practice Act”. The debtor can dispute the debt and we are required by law to supply the debtor with an original bill from the client, justifying all charges.
Phone contact begins after the 30-day period if no resolution is reached. Failure to resolve the issue automatically activates the second letter in the series. In the event a third and final notice is sent out, the debtor is advised that the account must be paid within ten business days.


Skip Tracing
• Chrebet Associates has several investigative software tools that are used to track patients that have moved without a forwarding address.
• There are no additional charges for our skip tracing services


Credit Bureau Reporting
• Chrebet Associates utilizes on-line tools and services such as Experian to provide our clients with factual data needed to make informed decisions on potential action to proceed against the debtor.
• Once all efforts have been exhausted to collect the debt Chrebet Associates will list the debtor on the credit bureau as a collection account, under the client’s name.


Workers’ Compensation Claims
Chrebet Associates will make every effort to obtain the following information:
• Claim number (if not on file)
• Authorizations
• Insure diagnosis code validity
• Employer paid claims
• Change payor if worker’s comp is ruled out
• Contact employer/employee to obtain correct billing information
• Diligent follow-up and timely filing


MVA (No-Fault-PIP)
No fault claims are complex. These laws vary from state to state. Chrebet Associates offers several special options regarding the collections of these claims.


Legal Services
Chrebet Associates contracts several collection attorneys for the purpose of legal action. Once assets have been verified and the client reviews the account, an “authorization to sue” will be endorsed by the client on each account recommended for suit.


Settlement Negotiation
• Debtor attorneys will often encourage debtors to settle out of court due to high legal costs and will act as negotiators on the debtors behalf.
• Chrebet associates will never settle an account without clients approval.

Legal collections introduces a new set of tools for recovering debt which include:
• Garnishee of wages
• Attachment of assets (bank accounts, property)
• Debtor Examination
• Contempt of Court


Judgments are generally valid for 20 years, depending on the jurisdiction filed and may be renewed for additional periods.


Legal Collection Process
• Legal desk: After a file is uncollectible through traditional means, it is forwarded to the legal department for analysis and review
• Legal demand Letters: Legal demand letters are sent to the debtor by an attorney as these files are deemed lawsuit worthy
• Lawsuit filed: After a response period, a suit is filed in a court of law (usually in 30-60 days)
• Collection through default: Collection and negotiation efforts continue during the litigation process
• Judgment or default: Once judgment is awarded, debtor examinations are performed, assets are attached and wages are garnished etc.


Chrebet Associates is committed in following the guidelines and regulations of the following governmental acts:
• FDCPA: Fair Collection Practice Act of FDCPA is meant and made for governing the conduct and activities of debt collectors. It legalizes the consumer’s right to restrict the unethical ways of a debt collector. The purpose of the act is to provide guidelines for collection agencies that are seeking to collect legitimate debts, also providing protections and solutions for debtors.
• HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 is meant to regulate and govern the following regarding the healthcare system
Transactions: Standards for the content and format of certain electronic transactions including standard code sets, the “transaction standards”.
Privacy: Regulation safeguarding the privacy of an individual’s health care information, the “privacy regulations”.
Security: Standards for assuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of electronic health information, the “security regulations”.


Status Report: Acknowledgement of receipt of accounts: This report confirms by name and reference number the accounts the client has submitted to Chrebet Associates for collections. This report is sent out within 5 days of receipt of new accounts.
Monthly Statement: This report is sent out each month along with the clients check for monies received for that period
Client Status report: A monthly report reflecting the status of each account.
Twelve Month Recovery Report: This is a rolling account reflecting the total dollar amount submitted for collection by the client; the total dollar amount Chrebet Associates has recovered for this period.